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2022 Winners

BEST IN SHOWCarlos Jasso

    Division - Campaign
    Category – Social Media – Govt. Non Profits. Associations

    How do you go about getting a specialized license plate available to the public? The quick answer...we’re not sure but are about to find out.  It started with teenager Catcher McCardell and his eagle scout project.  When he and his family were on vacation in Colorado, he noticed many Colorado donate life license plate driving down the road. That made him wonder why there wasn't a Donate Life License Plate in the state of Utah. As the Organ Procurement Organization in the state, he approached us about the idea and wondered if we were willing to help him achieve his goal of getting the specialized plate in Utah. We said yes and ten months later (we're told this was fast) the license plates are on Utah roadways and currently available to the public.

    Strategic Components

    • Frame the campaign around Catcher McCardells story. A teen trying to pass a bill, promote organ donation AND help DonorConnect raise money all at the same time? It's what movie plots are made of.
    • Position the license plate as a billboard on wheels. This is an amazing way to bring awareness to a cause that isn't high on anybody's radar until you realize that life is too short.
    • Emphasize that you don't have to be an organ recipient or a family member who lost a loved one to get this plate. Anybody who supports organ donation can get it.
    • Let trusted local outlets (radio, TV and print) know about "the teen with a dream". It's the feel-good story every outlet is looking for.
    • No budget...no problem. Would you be shocked if we told you that one person was responsible for running the campaign, developed the strategy and created all the video and graphics? Well...that's what happened.

    For Profit Campaigns

    Community Relations

    PilmerPR, Xlear's Refocus on What Matters Most

    Crisis Communication

    Intrepid, Fortune 500 Company Labor Dispute

    Institutional Programs

    Rio Tinto Kennecott with Intrepid, Kennecott Proud Campaign

    Public Service/Advocacy

    Testlio, Standing with People as Russia Invades Ukraine

    Special Events

    Jacobsen Construction Company, Centennial Year Internal Campaign

    Gov’t, Non-Profits, Assoc. Campaigns

    Community Relations

    The Major Brent Taylor Foundation with Intrepid, 9/11 Project

    Institutional Programs

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Team Wildlife campaign

    Public Service/Advocacy

    See Through The Vape with R&R Partners, Hazardous Waste Campaign

    Social Media

    DonorConnect, Donate Life License Plate

    Special Events

    Jacobsen Construction Company, Centennial Year Internal Campaign


    Creative Tactics

    Utah Department of Transportation with Intrepid, UDOT Shrek TikTok Video

    Interactive Communications – External Audience

    Jacobsen Construction Company, Happy Holidays Card

    Photography and Illustrations

    Jacobsen Construction Company, Centennial Year Poster Visual

    Print Communications – External Audience

    Utah Farm Bureau, Utah Farm and Fork Magazine

    Print Communications – Internal Audience

    David Eccles School Of Business, EDI Annual Report

    Publicity and Media Relations

    Rio Tinto Kennecott with Intrepid, Tellurium Plant Media Relations


    SUU, Impact of The Great Resignation on Southern Utah

    Social Media – External Audience

    DonorConnect, Gift of Life Run

    Social Media – Internal Audience

    Rio Tinto Kennecott with Intrepid, Newsletter Re-Launch

    Videos – External Audience

    Cottonwood Media Group and Iron Spyke Method, Get to Know Your H2O

    Institutional Programs

    Intrepid, Fortune 500 Company Labor Dispute

    Writing – News

    U of U, Possible chemical leftovers from early Earth sit near the core

    Awards of Merit

    Young Professional of the Year

    Erynn Kerrigan

    Mid-Level Professional of the Year

    Marcus Hardy

    Professional of the Year

    Kelli Fratto Bland

    Excellence in Communication

    Todd Keith

    Community Advocate of the Year

    Kristin Andrus

    Communicator of the Year

    Elizabeth Smart

    Student of the Year

    Sariah Rees

    Utah State University